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Way down yonder in New Orleans!

Nearly a century ago, Louis Armstrong belted out that number at Bourbon Street jazz clubs. Today, the home of Satchmo is the exciting launching ground for Jazzmen Rice.

"Jazzman" is a variety of exclusively designed aromatic rice developed by the LSU AgCenter. And, in the spirit of the LSU system's calling - Jazzman Rice is being grown and harvested using Louisiana's finest farmers and agriculture.

LSU AgCenter Regional Director/Senior Rice Breeder recently said: "We are totally excited about our relationship with Jazzmen Rice, LLC. For nearly two years, Andrew Wong, George Chin and Egbert Ming (founders of Jazzmen Rice) have worked closely with us and South Louisiana's seed, farming and milling community to conscientiously build a relationship that should help transport our first Jazzman harvest into the retail marketplace in a most professional and timely manner."

Jazzmen Rice mills our harvest in the most sanitary and temperature controlled mills of South Louisiana; we "flash" package our rice in the same facilities that mill the rice and that helps to capture maximum freshness and then we store our packaged harvest in temperature controlled warehouses. When you get Jazzmen Rice at your grocery, it has not spent months being shipped in climate environs or large vessels into the U.S. from Asia, like most other aromatic rice. And Jazzmen Rice is guaranteed to have the best aromatic flavors of superior long stem rice.


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