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Holy Cross Announces Food Science Scholarship
The University of Holy Cross Food Science Program and Jazzmen Rice (a variety of the grain created by the LSU AgCenter) have announced a new annual scholarship available to students who attend UHC and enroll in the food science program.

Jazzmen Rice Unveils New Jasmine Rice Flavor Blends ... hits store shelves today at ROUSES
In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Jazzmen Rice's first flavor-blended USA grown premium jasmine rice—Saffron and Creole TomatoŚwill hit retail markets in New Orleans this month.

Local Company Jazzmen Rice is Cream of the Crop! - Burke Bischoff
Jazzmen Rice, which was officially formed in 2010, is a local company that strives to bring a selection of aromatic jasmine rice varieties to the market.

The rice that Jazzmen Rice sells is a long grain rice that sets itself apart from other types of rice because of its gummy texture and, especially, its aroma. According to Chin, when you cook the rice, it smells like fresh popcorn. “A lot of times when we demonstrate our rice, we let people smell the rice,” Chin said. “The aroma is very important in this rice.”

Rice As Nice - Alexis Manrodt
Jazzmen Rice Shares Insights into American Agriculture, Global Markets, and Louis Armstrong

Red Beans and Ricely Yours - By PETER RICCHIUTI
It doesn't get more Monday in New Orleans than red beans and rice.

Dishing with ProStart Mentor: "The Rice Lady"
Over a BBQ Shrimp poboy at the Mid City neighborhood joint Luizza’s By the Track, Jazzmen Rice Director of National Events Nina Camacho dishes about her love of the industry and how she found herself promoting a strain of rice developed in Louisiana.

Best Chefs of Louisiana benefits Children's Hospital
It’s known far and wide that chefs are a charitable group, and that fact was made loud and clear at the American Culinary Federation’s Best Chefs of Louisiana event, April 16.

Nina demonstrates how to perfectly prepare healthy and delicious brown rice grown right here in Louisiana

Công Ty Cajunland Seafood Và Jazzmen Rice Gi?i Thi?u: G?o Jazzmen Rice Tr?ng T?i M?, Th?m, D?o, B?, An Toàn
B?n ?ã t?ng ?n qua g?o Jazzmen Rice hi?u "Ông Th?i Kèn"? N?u ch?a, hãy th? ??n các siêu th? mua v? ?n th?.
(Article written in Vietnamese. For translation, visit and use translate function.)

Artist Uses Talent to Help Homeless
Man donates payment to shelter

People to Watch 2010
The childhood friends find satisfaction in the venture's potential to boost the local economy.

Rice and Crawfish Farmers Paid to Host Birds After Spill
To keep migratory birds away from oily areas along the Gulf Coast, the U.S. Dept of Agriculture is paying rice growers and landowners in Louisiana and other states to flood farms and pastures for habitat this fall.

Against the Grain
When three New Orleans entrepreneurs were looking for a fresh business idea, they found it in one of Louisiana's -- and the world's -- most popular staples: rice.

Chefs and Jazzman Rice
The company marketing Jazzman rice, developed by the LSU AgCenter, brought a group of Louisiana chefs to the July 1 field day at the Rice Research Station in Crowley, LA, to show them where the rice originated.

Du Jour: Jazzmen Rice
Earlier this year, the three released a new line of locally-grown aromatic rice designed to take on Thai Jasmine, an import that has become wildly popular in the US with the rise in pan-Asian cuisine.

Jazzmen Rice
With the introduction of its Louisiana-grown aromatic rice, the Jazzmen Rice company believes it has found the perfect pairing for Creole classics.

Landrieu Gets Tips from Residents
They share economic development ideas with mayor-elect

Where Cultural Roots Mingle: A Letter to the Editor
Re: "The Rice Men Cometh," Living, March 4.  Louis Armstrong and New Orleans' Chinatown.

New Company is Marketing Louisiana-Grown 'Jazzmen' Rice
Three local childhood friends have a new Louisiana food business that's putting the image of Louis Armstrong on supermarket shelves and commercial kitchens across the region.

New Aromatic Rice Brings Excitement to LA Harvest!
As Jimmy Hoppe harvests his rice crop in a small parish in Louisiana, he also is making history.  Jimmy  is among the first rice farmers to bring a new jasmine-type variety, named Jazzman rice, to consumers.

Louisiana 'Jazzman' Rice May Rival Thai Jasmine Grain in U.S.
The U.S. rice industry is making way for Jazzman.

First U.S.-bred Jasmine-type Rice ...
The first U.S.-bred Jasmine-type aromatic rice variety, Jazzman, has been developed at the LSU AgCenter’s Rice Research Station and approved for release in 2009.



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