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Chef Anthony Spizale  

Executive Chef
Anthony Spizale

Chef Anthony Spizale is devoted to the quality of Jazzmen Rice and he uses it exclusively at his restaurants, most recently creating a five course tasting menu centered around the unique, aromatic rice.

A graduate of Delgado’s Culinary Arts program, Chef Spizale has garnered many awards, including Omni Hotels “Ideal Chef of the Year,” and the American Culinary Federation of New Orleans’ “Best Chefs of LA.”

“Why do I love jazzmen rice? Restaurant guests are seeking excitement on the plate, and that’s what Jazzmen brings to our guests. Rice is a revered staple in many cultures around the globe, and , as a chef, mastering the techniques of rice cookery can open the door to a rich assortment of dishes that are on trend with today’s global tastes. Jazzmen is local and super fresh. I use it here and at home.”


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