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Executive Chef Joe LaBella  

Executive Chef
Joe LaBella

Throughout Carnival season Joe LaBella, aka Mr. Mardi Gras, executive chef of LaBella’s Catering in Kenner, sees his business kick into high gear each year when he is called upon to cater massive spreads for hungry organizations ranging from parading Superkrewes to the New Orleans Saints. They seek him out for his classic renditions of Louisiana classics like red beans and rice, jambalaya and etouffees.

A common ingredient many of Chef LaBella’s most popular dishes? Rice. For this he turns to Jazzmen brand’s unique, aromatic variety, the only jasmine-style rice grown in the United States. It’s grown, in fact, right here in Louisiana.

“Jazzmen rice is the right consistency for everything I do. Not only is it perfect when served fresh out of the pot, is also holds its consistency, flavor, texture and aroma for use the next day in fried rice, puddings, and casseroles.”



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